Local Food Champion: Highland Youth Garden

Congratulations to Highland Youth Garden!


Highland Youth Garden received this award for their contributions to Goal B of the Local Food Action Plan: Improving access to and education about healthy food, affordable food, and local food.

Board Members Beth Urban (front center left) and Lisa Hobson (front center right) received the award on behalf of the organization.

About Highland Youth Garden:

Founded in 2009 in the Hilltop, Highland Youth Garden is celebrating its 10th anniversary teaching children and neighbors about the value of growing food. The half-acre garden serves approximately 350 students, pre-K to sixth grade, from Highland Elementary and the Educational Academy for Boys and Girls. These students engage in a standards-based garden related lesson once every two weeks. An afterschool garden club meets weekly, involving about 15 kids who love working and being in the garden. We grow about 4,000 lbs. of produce annually with the help of approximately 500 community volunteers and students. This produce is served as snacks during programming, sent home with children to their families, distributed for free at monthly community gatherings and sold by the kids at the Westgate Farmers Market.

To learn more, visit: www.highlandyouthgarden.org

Announcing: Local Food Champion Award

Award winners of the Local Food Champion Award will be recognized by the Franklin County Local Food Council and the Franklin County Local Food Action Plan on this page quarterly. This award is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate grassroots community efforts to create a food system that benefits ALL people.

Individuals, groups, organizations, agencies, or institutions that live, work, play and or worship in Franklin County and have shown significant impact in the goal areas below, from the Local Food Action Plan, are eligible to be nominated and awarded:

  1. Enhance coordination and communication among existing food resources and agencies.

  2. Improve access to and education about healthy food, affordable food and local food.

  3. Increase the role of food in economic development.

  4. Prevent food-related waste.

Click here to complete the nomination form. Nominations will be accepted January 8-22, 11:59pm and awardee(s) will be announced at the March Food Council meeting.